Mini Challenge #3

Plan a Bookish Party

What book is your party themed around?
Alice in Wonderland

What food will you serve?
Finger foods! Little sandwiches, cupcakes, macroons, and little cakes with “Eat me.” labels on them. Decorate with bright colors or like playing cards.

What’s your signature drink?
Tea of course!!! And little bottles of punch with “Drink me.” labels on them. Cocktails would have to play some role in this too, most like something lemonade or punch based but nothing too strong.

What games will you play?
Guests can decorate their own tea cups to take home. Have a whimsical photo booth with paper cut outs (Mad Hater’s hat, Cheshire cat mask, Queen of Heart’s hair and crown, pocket watch, rabbit ears) for people to pose with. Play a round of croquet or giant lawn chess.

What party favors will you send home with your guests?
Skeleton keys with each person’s name on them, tea samples for their decorated tea cups, pocket watches, and of course treat boxes to share any left over goodies tied in ribbon and lace.

Decorate with lots of bright, fun colors with ribbons and lace. Flowers on the table and paper lanterns hanging. It would be a great outdoor party for the Spring as a sort of girls day!

Now this is how I would plan a party if I could spend as much as I wanted to on one! It would be so fun!

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