Holy Cow


Holy Cow by David Duchovny

(Yes, I know, I promised this ages ago…but it’s here now!)

This is the story of Elsie Bovary, a cow on a farm. For a long time she is happy on this farm doing her thing with the other cows until she discovers what life on the farm really means for animals like her. This leaves her with only one option and that is to escape.

I adored this book (I also adore David Duchovny…so…yeah…no bias here)!!!
It was completely insane and hilarious. It was a quick read and fairly easy read, great for those of us with packed schedules, desperately trying to find time to fill the reading void. I laughed. I cried. I grinned stupidly in public. And I will definitely read this book again. All of the antics and the situations that the animals find themselves are are just down right crazy. This whole book was crazy. But I loved it!!! I do suggest forgetting any semblance of reality while reading this book and just going along for the ride.

Though I do feel that as wild and unbelievable as many of the situations are, the book does offer the reader something about our society and culture today. It’s silly and thought provoking…a two for one deal!

Rating: 5 stars


All Apologies

So I haven’t been a good about updating this blog (or my tumblr) as I had hoped I would be….woops… Finals were insane then there was graduation and now summer classes… So to say I’ve been busy might be an understatement. But everything is starting to slow down and I’m going to return to doing my book reviews and other posts very soon!!!